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Don't rely on a random salesperson to sell you a shiny car with hidden problems. THIScar inspects every vehicle on YOUR behalf BEFORE you take delivery!

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Sometimes shiny cars aren't what they appear to be ... THIS is why thousands of customers just like you shop every month. At THIScar, we only allow select new car dealers to list their pre owned inventory for sale. We only allow the dealers that will let us to thoroughly inspect the vehicle on YOUR behalf BEFORE you buy it! That's right. No surprises here, just vehicles that are thoroughly inspected to protect your investment, so you don't waste your hard earned money trying to fix hidden problems.

Our Inspection Protection Makes a Difference! We will help find

  • Hidden Electrical Problems
  • Repaired/Hidden Damage From a Major Collision
  • Frame and/or Undercarriage Damage
  • Hidden/Masked Engine or Transmission Problems
  • Unacceptable Cosmetic Repairs
  • And MUCH More!

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We've completely reimagined how you can happily shop, find, buy, and enjoy wheel love. It's a car buying experience built around you. No salespeople. Honest, unbiased help when you need it. And a simplified process from start to finish.